Hi. It’s been a while. And it’s never been in English before, but it’s going to be that for a couple of weeks now. Or maybe forever. Why? Because I’m very international now. It happened over a night. And also because I’m participating in King’s Cultural Experience Award, and Sweden and Swedish doesn’t seem to be the centre of the universe. Who could’ve guessed. So basically, I write for people to understand now. And by people, I’m mean everyone I know except my friend Emma, who never really got the hang of English. On the other hand, she doesn’t even own a computer so I don’t think she’ll be too disappointed.

So, back to this post’s real meaning: the trip to Camden we went on a this weekend. And by ’we’, I mean the ones I’ve been hanging out with the most since I came to London. We all wanted to explore London and do cultural things together, so we named ourselves ’The Cultural Club’. Because we’re so cultural. And innovative… However, I’m the only one doing the Cultural Experience Awards, strangely enough. I think the others just wasn’t aware there was an award for it, so I bet they’ll apply next year.

We decided a trip to Camden was a good Monday activity to start with in our club, so off we went. We were going to a vintage sale in an old house in Camden at first, but due to Matilde’s inability to ever show up on time, the queue was too long once we arrived to the house. We went back to Camden Lock Market just to have a look around, but after waiting for Matilde, everyone was hungry. We went to the food stands in the centre of the market and bought tajadas and arepas, which is basically fried bananas and flatbread with fillings from Venezuela. That decision though, gosh. There is so much food from different cultures there. My friends almost went loco on me, since I took so long to decide. Once I had decided, finally, we walked around in both Lock Market but other markets around the area too. It was mostly ’look but don’t buy’, but just mostly. What can a girl do when she finds a lamp that is colourful, sparkly and fits perfectly in her room, right? So yes, I bought a lamp. We saw so much pretty jewellery too though, so I guess I’m not coming back only because of the food. I ’need’ new rings too.

Eventually, when my list of things I ’need’ became too long to bare, we decided to stop the window shopping (or more like… ’stand shopping’ in this case?) and go to Proud Camden’s roof top bar. I just found out that Proud Camden was a horse hospital in the 19th century(!) but they’ve turned it into a night club now. Didn’t know that before. The more you know. Thank you Google. I found the actual place on Google too, before we went to Camden, where it said is was one of the top roof top bars in London. And it was super nice! But to be honest, I think there must be better ones. Or maybe autumn isn’t their peek, I don’t know. I also read it would be really packed, but this time of year it wasn’t and booking a table isn’t necessary. You’ll find a table, if you show up around 6PM when most of the markets close on Mondays. However, I read on their website they will start having Apres Skies the 16th of November! So I think we came in some sort of ’middle period’ were they took the Alice in Wonderland-theme down which they had there before. Since the place was nice, Camden in fan-tas-tic and they did have live music, I’m definitely going there again. I mean, coming here from Sweden and counting on nothing else but rainy winters and grey slush in February, Apres Ski is almost mandatory for me. And for my Mexican friend Roger, who’ve never seen snow. He needs to experience an Apres Ski.

Here’s some pictures I managed to take between my lamp shopping and food deciding.


This place is part of Camden Lock Market. While you find food, books, carpets etc. outside, the houses in the middle of the area closest to the river is where you find smaller items such as jewellery, candles, cards and


Every jewellery in this stand was made of clear glass. Almost got a heart attack just by standing next to it. So afraid of my own clumsiness.


Since I strive to become one of these ladies with their fingers full of silver rings, henna tattoos and colourful bracelets at some point in my life, I’m going to come back to this stand to buy me some rings. The prices were actually not too bad considering it’s real silver in them.

This type of interior… I could live in this store. Or buy every little item. It’s like the store ’Indiska’ in Sweden, but more like the real thing. Well… How ’real’ it can become when you’re not in India, I guess.


I like this picture thanks to the man that’s standing there reading. It’s not because of the unknown man, I swear(!), but because the picture kind of represents something I’ve seen a lot since I came to London: people participating, showing interest in things around them. It’s different from Sweden, where people always seem to have a destination to go to, not interested in anything else but what they planned to do. Here, people stop, look, questions, take part. In everything. It can be an art exhibition in the middle of the street or a small vintage book shop like this one. In Sweden, it often seems like people are ashamed of investigating their surrounding; ’what if I look like I don’t know what I’m doing’, kind of. Here, people stop and read a book in a stand in a crowded galleria. Maybe it’s wrong in one sense to ’use’ an item and then not buy it, but on the other hand I find the curiosity and the fact that people take their time to stop and show their curiosity inspiring.


Another dreamy shop. I bought a series of plates when I was i Turkey last summer, so I can basically fill up an entire kitchen of these beautifully painted bowls and plates. Thing is, they’re in Sweden. So I compensated by buying one of the lamps I guess, haha.


This is Cereal Killer Bar. We didn’t go inside, but at some point we just have to. They’re using cereals as the base in their drinks and foods, which seems wicked but too cool to miss out on.


Lastly, I hereby present to you: my room. As you can see, a market is the place to be for me when I look for interior. The more colour, the better. So to sum this hole thing up: I love my lamp and Camden.


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