It’s bizarre how everything in this country gets thrown in the same garbage bin without being sorted. How the meat looks like it’s filled with so much water that a cucumber would feel offended. How disgusting the thought of eating sausage on the sandwich in the morning feels like. 

Hence, I’ve stopped eating meat. And almost all animalistic products too, more or less. I haven’t been able to quit eggs and brie just yet, but I’m getting there I hope. I’m not entirely sure if I might be seen as a rotten human being for admitting that it’s mainly for the environment and then secondly because of the animals, but that’s how I feel. I don’t even know if that’s how I feel though. It might differ from each meat industry maybe. I don’t know. And I guess that’s the thing: there are so many well-educated people in this field and I’m not one of them. I don’t know the recipes for bean stews, lens steaks or carrot-ish-things. But I really want to know and I want to be entirely aware of what I’m consuming, for a bunch of reasons. 

But I just have to say hello(!), I’ve discovered a new world here. From being a person who never even looked at the vegetarian menu, I’ve become super inspired and totally sold on vegetarian food. I don’t fall asleep during lectures anymore due to the fact that my body tries to digest a lump of meat. Jeans that we’re tight before are now getting too big and I feel healthy in a complete new way. I’m certain that’s not placebo. It’s my body saying thank you for not having to deal with crappy food. 

It’s interesting, the thing about ‘choosing vegetarian food’. It’s not like I haven’t known for years that vegetarian food is better in practically every way. I just haven’t acted upon it. Why? It’s not like it’s difficult. It’s less expensive than meat. I believe me moving away from home kind of made the transition easier. I stopped eating meat the second I moved to London (the packages often don’t even tell you where the meat is from(?!) Uekh). I just realised that it was 5 months ago I moved here. I haven’t missed eating meat once. I mean, how important can it be. Really. It’s not the joy in life. It’s not triggering any erotic points. To chew on a fillet of pork with som bearnaise is hardly anyones’ last wish in life. But once again, what do I know. I’m just a hobby-vegetarian going for vegan. But at least I’m trying. 

I just got back from the store and I realised that vegetarian food is more compatible with colourful instagram feeds such as mine. So basically, if the ethic arguments wouldn’t be enough, the NGO:s should start a cooperation with Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomes. Everything they do/show in instagram seem to be popular somehow. Veggo needs to be popular. 


Mina fina vänner har så sjukt bra koll på mattrender, nya hak i Göteborg och vad det senaste inom restaurangvärlden har att erbjuda, så tack vare dem får jag uppleva en helt annan värld än Sjuans gatukök och Hard Rock Café. För att inte heller förlora kontakten med varandra och för att se till att ses trots att alla ofta är uppbokade med plugg har vi startat en bubblarklubb; som kokboksklubben fast med obligatoriskt bubbel till middagen givetvis. Konceptet är att värdinnan väljer tema och recept och så hjälps vi åt att tillaga maten!

Igår var vi hos Michaela och hade koreansk afton. Vi käkade zucchinipannkakor, kimchi och en päronpaj. Jag och Emelie lagade pajen. Helt ärligt inte ett fullträff haha, men den andra maten var guld.