I’m sitting on a train that just started to head south. I’m on my way to Guildford, a place I know nothing about except where (ish) it is on the map, which is south of London. So for the first time since I moved to the UK, I’m leaving the capital. I’m going to work on a Higher Education Fair, so it’s nothing more fancy than that. I’ve signed up to quite a lot of work in the weeks to come, and most of it is outside London actually. We get paid for the travel time too, so why not. Besides, I kind of like sitting on trains. Even though I’ll never stop wishing it will take me to Hogwarts, I think by train is the best way to travel any day. You get to see the environment in another way than you do from a plane, you don’t have to live through all the traffic and stops as you have to on a bus and it’s kinder to the environment than a car. So basically, I look forward to see the grey, British countryside that I expect to be in the middle of in 30 minutes or so. (This almost screamed ’Hire me Southern Rail(!!). I swear, that was not the intention. And this is not an add either. I have too few readers to make a profit haha).

Speaking of surroundings etc. I walked across Hammersmith Bridge the other day and followed Thames River to Putney. It’s really nice actually, and I’ve never walked there before so I’m almost a bit proud that I found it even though everyone else already has too. Even though the bank side isn’t extremely nice due to the water and season, I think I saw the ’nature’ in London for the first time. The kind of nature that isn’t constructed, I mean. I know I haven’t been here long enough to take part in the park period of London, so I guess I’ll see more of it in a couple of weeks when it starts to get green. Nevertheless, it feels nice to have a more beautiful part of Thames so close to home, in comparison to the part I always see when I cross Waterloo Bridge between our campuses.

Now, I’ll give myself some time to dream about the life as a music video star. I mean, I have an almost empty carriage and a semi-clean window in a train to look out through. Maybe I’ll even cry a little to Adele’s All I ask. To bring the right amount of emotion.

Hammersmith Bridge.

Outside our flat, the spring signs are beginning to show for real. My entire soul hopes that the park period is on really soon!


So this week has so far consisted of pizza&wine night, a Tinder relapse, studying in a church café and a routine test of Miss P. Those who get it get it. Anyways, just trying to be multi faceted.

Now when the second semester is on for real, it feels so good that things have become more relaxed. It’s not like the tempo in school itself is more relaxed, but I guess we’ve accepted/understood that since the first year only counts as 10 % of the final grade, we shouldn’t be stressed out. Hence, we’ve started to hang out more and explore new places to study. And tomorrow, we’re going to shake our butts in a club that breathes ‘drink a lot before because it’s crazy expensive on the inside’.

Haha, LOL, speaking of night clubs. I remember when I was 18 (of course I do, I sound like I’m 80 or something) when we went out clubbing both Friday and Saturday every week. I used to hang out a lot with a group of girls that I unfortunately grew apart from when I started at Uni, but then we used to hang out a lot anyways. I had so much fun with them. They were so crazy good looking and I remember feeling like a pig in a glitter top next to all of them. I don’t really think that I was keeping up with their level of hotness to be honest and I was too geeky I think (OBS: I think. They never told me that haha). Anyways, we were kind of popular with the guys so we used to go out with a bunch of guys from Torslanda (a posh area in Gothenburg). I think they thought it was very nice having us by their side. We pre-partied a lot with them and went to the clubs with them. Some of them always knew the guards or/and had paid to be on the lists so we never queued. I always think of how bad deals those guys did by taking us and how stupid they were since they never learned: we never stayed by their pompous drink tables, drank their champagne or pretended to think they were funny. We were always on the dance floor, crazy dancing and went home together (I might admit there were some exceptions to that last parts sometimes though).


So by the time I turned 18, I was newly single, I accidentally ended up being really good friends with the hottest girls and I didn’t know what queuing to a night club was. Oh my, we had so much fun. And oh my, good thing that things change. I lived a lush life then in a completely different way from now, but if I would re-live those days I would not bring a Torslanda-dude to prom because he was cute and wanted to party and I would not make out with everything that moved. Or, oh well, never mind. Everything is relative.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve watched 4 episodes of Paradise Hotel (Big Brother ish) that I felt a need to write this, but I do realise that this was just as meaningless as that reality show. I’m sorry to whoever managed to get through the entire post. In conclusion though, I had such a blast as a 18 year-old, I had so fun before that and I have a crazy amount of fun in my life now too. So tomorrow it’s back to crazy dancing. However I’m sure we’ll be queuing a while before that. But I’m also sure that someone has brought a bottle of queue provision 30 % style, just as if it was 2011 again.



I was at my first job as a student ambassador for King’s yesterday. It was a Higher Education Fair at Dulwich College, a boy school in the same area as Buddha Mama lives.

I was there with another student ambassador (thank god since it was the first time) but afterwards I realised that being a student ambassador for King’s is just as chill as being an ambassador for my high school or University of Gothenburg, except the perk of getting paid at King’s. However, it’s a bit different here, since I have now idea what to answer when a 15 year-old asks about university and the course Chemical Engineering, what A-levels to take and what a good UCAS application is. Hell do I know, I kind of feel like. ‘Do I look like I know about Chemical Engineering?’. I know absolutely nothing about the school system in UK and I don’t even know why I got accepted to King’s in the first place. But if I can get paid for improvising an answer and by showing the right page of the course catalogue, then fine by me. To be honest, I think fairs are fun too. It’s pretty nice standing at a fair and represent a school that most people know a lot about already so I don’t have to start from zero trying to sell it to them. I think it’s quite embarrassing to try to convince people and sell things, but thankfully the schools that I’ve worked as an ambassador for has been established and well-known enough so that situation has never really come up. I’m truly impressed by those who are able to trick people into phone buys or subscriptions of various kind. I honestly don’t have a drop of selling-capacity in my blood. The only thing I can do is talk.

Another thing I can do but rarely do enough is to read, which I have to start doing now, this grey Sunday. Cheers!

A part of Dulwich College. (Do I need to write private school?)

On the way to West Dulwich station. 


Jag och Linnea bestämde oss för att ta tag i problemet “vi har ingenting att göra på nyår” genom att bjuda in 80 av våra vänner och deras vänner till en nyårsfest I Gräfsnäsgården, vilket är ett hus mitt i Slottskogen som vi hyrde. Vi caterade maten, körde tema “Gatsby” över hela grejen och det finns egentligen inte så mycket bättre ord att beskriva det hela med än SUCCE. Allting gick superbra, alla verkade vara nöjda med både middagen och festen och jag har inte haft så roligt på en nyårsafton på flera år. För minnets skull så tänkte jag att jag skriver om det här, men bilderna talar så himla bra för sig själva så här kommer några av mina favoriter. Det är sisådär med kvalitén. Vi kan väl säga att den blev lite suddigare ju längre kvällen gick.


Och här har vi dem! Årets mål. Kan säga som såhär: jag kör på filosofin “sikta mot stjärnorna och du når kanske till Kebenekaise”.