I sit in my room, which looks just as chaotic as a Zara store during sale, with a bit of a hangover that doesn’t get better when Selena Gomez is playing on the radio. At the same time, I’m reminded that you don’t have to be a talent to make it in this world. Without giving too much shit to the instagram star and sound more depressed than this hangover actually makes me, I felt that I needed to write a Happy Easter post. The fact that I just googled ‘why do we celebrate Easter?’ is another question, but anyways!

Yesterday was Good Friday, another day I celebrate without knowing why and without a faith. But daym it was good! It started around 6PM in a bar and ended around 4AM with us stumbling out from a club. It was a very spontaneous evening with a bunch of friends from earlier school years. It was so much fun. It was one of those moments you think ‘why on earth do I not spend more time with these people?’. And then you realise it’s because ‘life happens’ etc. That’s such a typical thing to tell yourself, isn’t it. Is it really like that? It it problematic that ‘life happens’? Isn’t that the reason we’re here, doing what we do: so that life can happen? ‘Life happens’ is a phrase thats sounds problematic/like something bad as a way to excuse ourselves from not taking the time to do what we know we should/what we want. I think. But anyways. I shouldn’t be sentimental. Happy Easter it is!

In the middle of the Easter chaos, my parents are having a dinner party here. I hide from helping with the cleaning and preparations as if I were 12. Everyone in the family is mocking each other and we sing to Uncle Kracker that blasts through the speakers. I’m sitting in my pyjamas and without a bra and I’m thinking that ‘I should study’ without doing it. Mom sits in her red pyjamas and instructs dad where he needs to clean. My sister Amanda and I fights over who should take credit for coming up with our mom’s Instagram name. I don’t know why we do. Dad just screamed ‘C’MON GURL!’ from nowhere and Amanda just had a crazy panic over our garlic shortage but she dropped it just as quickly to then start playing air guitar to ‘Life is a Highway’. I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t know for how long I can avoid helping dad and I don’t know if all families are this weird. Probably not. Or I know they’re not. We’re super weird and I’ve laughed the entire day. But I’m sure we all fight within an hour because mom decides too much, dad cleans too little, Amanda needs too much garlic and I help out too little. So I’m going to intervene in the chaos now, before it’s not only Jesus’s death and suffering we’re celebrating this Easter but mine too. Cheers!


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